Thursday, September 1, 2011

Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons: Rethinking the Paradigm for Improvised Defense

An article by George Mathies, posted on

One notable quote - "My thought was that too many people have watched the Bourne movies."

Almost any item can become a weapon, although some items (say jello, for istance) maybe not as effective as others (a hammer). The real heart of the matter comes down to mindset and will to use whatever is at hand to prevail. Think a mom in defense of her kids will hesitate to use the nearest object to pummel the attacker?

With improvised weapons, before actually picking up a hairbrush and practicing with it, take a look around. What items do you see, and how can you use them? How accessible are they? Would it be more efficient to attack the asshole/criminal with your natural (fist, forearms, feet) weapons first, and then try to access the comb you have shoved deep in your pocket for defense?

Just suggesting that the subject can be deeper than 'how can my credit card be used to disable the attacker'?

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