Friday, November 23, 2012

Hakka Martial Arts Documentary

Thanks to Sifu Garry Hearfield for the link. Lots of great video to watch here, if you are a fan of Southern Chinese Martial Arts (Yau Kung Mun, Bak Mei, Lung Ying, etc.).

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Tactical Flashlight

From The Art of Manliness - How to use a Tactical Flashlight

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

In today’s post we’re not talking about just any old flashlight. We’re talking about tactical flashlights. What makes a flashlight tactical? A tactical flashlight is simply a flashlight that’s been designed for tactical (i.e. military or police) use. Many tactical flashlights are designed to be mounted to a weapon for low-light shooting. They’re typically smaller than traditional flashlights, emit much more light, and are made of weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability. While tactical flashlights are designed primarily for military and police units, as we’ll see below, they’re also a really handy everyday and personal defense tool for the average civilian.

A small (not too small) flashlight should be part of your everyday carry. I carry one for the mundane tasks of looking under the car seat for items dropped, under furniture, in closets, etc. Generally once a day I use my surefire for something non-tactical.

As with many items, it is a multi-use item. Everyday carry is something to invest a bit of time in - most days (rarely) you do not need a weapon, but there is a much higher usage for lights, first aid kits, etc.

Be prepared for all life is going to dish out.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Video review and youtube video comment

Two items for today - a review of  Scott Sonnon's 'Primal Fitness' and a comment on a youtube video site.

Primal Fitness (PF) - the latest product to come out of

Like TacFit Commando, PF is provided to you via download. There are a lot of downloads with PF - I hope you have a fast Internet connection.

PF is based on the same 4-day wave, combined into 7 cycles for a total of 28 days. There are excellent mobility and cooldown sessions combined with the workouts. Where PF differs from TacFit Commando is that while TacFit Commando is based entirely on the Tabata type exercise session, each wave in PF concentrates on a different method of training - one wave Tabata style, one wave an 'Every minute on the minute' method, etc. The variety makes for an interesting month of training.

One other difference is the emphasis on heart rate and recovery - PF stresses this to a much higher degree than TacFit Commando does. Both are great for providing 'healthy' training, not just fitness. PF explains and emphasizes it more.

I would recommend either course. I feel the Commando option (minus the marketing techniques) is the better 'fitness' routine, the PF a better, long term option. I also feel the Commando option is an easier 'out of the box' system - it takes a bit of tweaking to get into PF - for example, the warmup and cooldown for Commando is available as a separate video clip, with PF you have to decide what you want to do for the warmup. not bad, but with Commando the option is already there for you.

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If this review helps you, drop me a line and let me know.

On to youtube - a friend (thanks, Sean) sent me a link to a fellow performing many gung fu forms, specifically Hung Gar. He writes in the comments about 'original' Hung Gar being played in a tight space, and performs Tid Sin Kuen and Gung Gee in a hallway (and later a Kwan Dao set in an apartment).

Overall, I like his performance - worth a second or third look, in my opinion.

'International Security' Book Review

The Kindle version of 'International Security, Personal Protection in an Uncertain World" by Orlando Wilson recently came out.

I have waited for this to come out for a while, and was not disappointed. Mr. Wilson has delivered a very good personal security primer here.

Not a book of checklists or esoteric philosophy, Mr. Wilson presents the essentials of security to the reader in a manner that requires the reader to evaluate their own security needs, and take action appropriately. He includes some brief examples from his career in Executive Protection to help illustrate his points.

I feel this would be a very good companion book to 'Escape the Wolf' by Clint Emerson.

I would like to see both books in the future include more personal examples of what to do, such as in this article from HammerHead Combat Systems on using reflections in daily life for situational awareness.