Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sorry for the sparse updates - been a bit busy (as always).

Just finished up my 6th 28-day cycle of TacFit Commando, a bodyweight program from Coach Scott Sonnon and the folks at Rmaxinternational. Three more to go, then I will probably re-start the program, incorporating the TacFit ROPE program into it.

The program has worked well for me, and also for a friend that started about three months ago. I feel it has focused my training, helped me to keep motivated, and works most of the fitness/health areas I need. I will add the ROPE program to ensure the 'pulling' muscles get worked, which is absent most bodyweight only programs. Or I could just go do more pull ups....

Here is a blog I ran across extolling the virtues of the Circular Strength Training (CST) - http://hermanchauw.blogspot.com If you stop by, let him know how you came across his site (that would be because I linked you to him).

In the latest Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, there are two articles of note - one is about how Hung Gar was used to form the basis of the Nan Quan Wu Shu set (forgive my spelling), and an article on Hakka family gung fu styles, which form the basis of much of Yau Kung Mun.

If you are interested in learning Yau Kung Mun, drop me a line and we can start a discussion regarding the issue. I am looking for serious students.

And a belated Gung Hay Fat Choy!