Sunday, April 24, 2011


Been busy with work, travel, this and that.

Just finished the 8th month of TacFit Commando, starting the 9th (and last) iteration later this week. After that, I may try to incorporate TacFit ROPE into the training routine.

Still reviewing my sets, training some combative drills with friends. Hard to find the time to train with others; training solo I can make the time (somewhere).

A good friend has been doing TacFit Commando, and he has lost about 35 pounds - but he also runs like a fiend, has been eating good diet, etc. I have lost about 10 pounds, but mostly have lost about an inch and a half around the waist.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hotel Security

Hotel Security - a post on FerFal's blog by Rick Davis. Lots of common sense advice.

An additional item that I consider good to have for hotel rooms is a fairly cheap motion sensor, battery operated, that provides either LED or LED with a loud doorbell type chime - I picked one up for less than $20. It provides just a little bit of warning and distraction to an unwelcome guest, and will wake you to deal with the problem.

Stay safe.