Friday, April 27, 2012

OC Spray

Here's a nice write up from Modern Combative Systems - Offensive/Defensive use of OC Spray.

One of the principles of close quarters combat, as I have been taught, is to cause 'chaos' and unbalance the adversary with every movement. Whether done via physical means (striking) or psychological (a ruse) - take his physical and/or mental balance and keep on leveraging him off balance until the situation is resolved. OC Spray offers a means to get the initial 'chaos' started - then resolve the situation. This may entail striking the adversary or departing the area.

In my way of thinking, you will need empty hand skills (and mindset) to offset the initial attack, buying time to employ other weapons, if necessary, or escaping. Same as with firearms and knives - you may not be able to draw (outdraw ?) the adversary on first contact. Something to think about.