Saturday, May 28, 2011

TacFit Commando

Just finished the ninth month of TacFit Commando - a fitness routine developed by Scott Sonnon and the folks at rmaxinternational.

Ii was initially a bit put-off by the advertising campaign, but with a little research decided to give it a try. There is an excellent primer on the programs at Herman Chauw's blog.

I stuck through the program through last years Holiday season, a bit of traveling and have come out the other side feeling fit, more agile, and lost a couple of inches around the waist. A friend has lost 40 pounds since starting in January (although he also watches his diet much better than I and runs quite a bit).

My next 'exploration' will be TacFit ROPE - but I'll wait a month before starting. Some schedule changing days/weeks ahead next month, so I'll train the exercise techniques from ROPE and have them down pat prior to committing to the course.

In sum, I feel the TafFit Commando routine will help any martial artist, with your specific art's conditioning exercises incorporated into the training schedule.