Friday, October 12, 2012

Review - Jik Bo Kuen Applications

As promised, here is the review of Warrior Body Buddha Mind's Omei Bak Mei Jik Bo Kuen Applications video.

As you are aware, I am very pleased with the instructional video and the circling hands video. The Applications video is also a winner.

I like the format the Sifu Christer has put together, breaking the form down segment by segment, and then showing applications (examples) to what he has broken down.

There is a lot of material in the form, and lots of places to pay attention to the smallest details to get the best results. Jik Bo Kuen is considered a beginners form, and also a Master's level form.

There were several key points that Sifu Christer brought out, not directly related to any one technique.
1 - Have faith in the techniques.
2 - Maintain the correct distance when practicing - the 'attacker' needs to feed the punches and grabs realistically (although slowly at first). This trains the eyes to recognize real threats, and also prepares you for the psychological effects of someone in your face.
3 - Have the correct mindset. Don't play patty cake with the arms, seize and strike with body weight. Of course, don't injure your partner - no one will play with you if you keep breaking them.
4 - The form is very strict in its footwork, angles, structures, etc. The applications will not necessarily be as strict. Adapt and become fluid in your actions.

I recommend you purchase all three videos. They will help you understand your respective martial art, and build a firm foundation for learning other sets.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Omei Bak Mei Circling Hands

I ordered the 'Omei Bak Mei Circling Hands' video (download) from Warrior Body Buddha Mind (WBBM) last week.

Starting with the download itself - what a pain. But this is due to my location (middle of a landlocked, dusty/sandy country with limited bandwidth on the best of days). Sifu Christer was a great asset, being patient with my multiple attempts to get a complete download. I also downloaded the Ly Jik Bo applications video (review coming later).

As noted on their site, the audio quality in a few places was bad - but only in a few small areas. It was a minor distraction, and did not detract from the instructional quality.

I liked the format of the video. With a brief introduction to the circling hands 'training platform' - it was right into the meat of the instruction. I liked the way they took the form Yum Yeung Jik Bo Kuen from beginning to end and how to apply it from the circling hands practice.

The circling hands video compliments the  form video - both urging relaxation and use of body (rise/sink/contract/expand) movement and not just arm and shoulder. I also liked the emphasis on it being a developmental drill and not a competition.

If you haven't bought the Yum Yeung Jik Bo Kuen video - do so before getting the circling hands video. It will make understanding both so much easier.

I have had exposure to several methods of 'sensitivity' training - hubud-lubud, Chi Sao, etc. - and like the combatives application that the WBBM bring to the table (mirrors my own ideas/experiences). Rather than focus on a rigid structure of movement, they tend towards a quicker, more dynamic method of movement. Kinda hard to explain in words, but the would rather you get moving and experience the exercise than worry about doing it 'properly'. The other arts tend to take a little longer to get to the useful stages (in my opinion).

Drop a comment, let me know what you think. Tell your other martial arts training partners about my site - the more the merrier.