Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pyramid of Personal Safety

From Ryukyu Kenpo Kenpukan Dojo - an article that ties in well with our emphasis on Situational Awareness.

A short quote - 'With this in mind, safety can be viewed as a pyramid. Each level not only increases your safety, but builds upon the level under it to create a cohesive and consistent whole. This way you have a solid structure, rather than a patchwork of “do this for this situation and that for another.” Such a fragmented approach requires excessive work, inconvenience and, often, drastically altering your lifestyle. This pyramid is designed to work with your lifestyle, not change it."

Always be looking for ways to improve your skills. Life is constantly shifting and changing, ne information can be helpful. Avoid compalcency.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Just an update, letting all know what is going on.

Working on the new Yacht Security website - - stop by, have a look, become a member.

Finishing up my latest work session shortly - focus has been on daily yoga, stretching and maintenance of my gung fu sets. Playing with 9 Step Push and Ly Jik Bo from Omei Bak Mei, a Wing Chun Knives set, as well as YKM sets.
Also working in the Convict Conditioning progressions. I find the emphasis on small, incremental steps a workable solution for strength training - I don't think it is practical for combatives or my old line of work - but it is something a person could use throughout their lifetime.

Back feels really pretty good after all the training.

Upcoming events - some training in Oregon (unless catastrophe strikes), a bit of time in Tampa, catching up with friends and training partners.

Family time taking a priority there, too.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

YKM Links

Sorry for the delay in posting - bandwidth is terrible here, in the middle of nowhere.

Here's a youtube link to an old Kung Fu theatre episode -

Here's an article about YKM -

In semi-related news, the Yacht Security website/blog has moved (again) to - stop by, have a look, leave a comment.

Take care everyone.