Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quote of the Week

Found this in Hemispheres Magazine (August edition), in an article by Paul Ford - Stop the Presses.

"This is the problem with technology. One day you're in your cave sharpening rocks, enjoying how pointy they are, and then the new neighbors move in a few caves down. They have really nice blades, light, smooth, powerful. And that's when you realize you're a Neanderthal.'

Survive the Unthinkable - a short review

I purchased 'Survive the Unthinkable' from the folks at Target Focus Training - and am writing a short review here.
The information in the book, while written primarily for women, is applicable to all people, regardless of their sex.
Covering the basics of mindset, awareness, and the Target Focus Training (TFT) methodologies, it presented a great introduction to the system, which hopefully will lead to further training.
I have had training in similar systems before (SCARS, a TFT 2-day training session) as well as traditional martial arts, and found the material very beneficial. 
The book is fairly short, with minimal illustrations/photos. This is not a 'he does this, you do technique X' type of book - stressing the principles of TFT rather than the techniques.
There is some repetition of material, but this may be because the points are important and need to be stressed more than once.

I recommend this book, and hope it will lead its readers to get more training in self protection.

Friday, August 9, 2013

37 uses for a Bandana

From Survival Life - 37 Uses for a Bandana in a Crisis.

 For those in the know, ComTech has a series on the use of a bandana as a life preserving tool. I highly recommend checking them out. They provide a great addition to your personal defense tools, and to your conceptual training. Train Hard, Train Smart, Stay Aware.