Thursday, September 29, 2011

Empty Your Cup and Fill Your Tool Box

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"Within the world of self preservation through the usage of force you will find various opinions stemming from the many characters that make up this realm. On one hand you will have the firearm guys, on another you will have the martial arts guys. Both will come with a plethora of reasons why what they do is best.....

I am a firm believer in the tool box mentality when it comes to self preservation, the right tool for the right job. Where the problem lies with both the afore mentioned mindsets is in the lack of well roundedness. One must be able to perform at a high level in all aspects of self preservation through force continuum. For example, how does the individual with no empty hand combatives experience or training obtain his firearm (pistol) under duress? ....

"The rules of street combat apply here.
  1. The attack is ambush oriented
  2. The attackers intent is violence first
  3. The attacker is not alone
  4. The attacker is potentially armed
  5. The attacker will not stop
If one truly understands these 5 rules he or she will be able to construct an empty hand curriculum to help complete their toolbox, giving them a better chance of survival when it all goes south.

To fix this mess one must have the ability to shelve ego and start anew. I have done it as have many of my piers. To me it only makes sense. We are living in a time where people fly planes into buildings and attack innocent people just to build their credibility within their own ranks. 

Whether your a gun guy, an empty hand specialist or a knifer you owe it to yourself and to your family to build a better you and by doing so you will find that in essence it is all the same, just a different tool. The truth lies in the understanding and training of principles over technique. If one truly understands the principles of movement and motion technique will become infinite.

Do yourself a favor, become complete in all avenues of combatives (Edged, Impact, Projectile and Empty Hands) doing this you will find that no matter where the fight may go you are ready and by being ready survival now becomes a much easier task to fulfill.

Survival, its your right!

Mike Blackgrave
SEAMOK Tactical Solutions

Simplicity With Intent'

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