Thursday, August 30, 2012


Just realized how long it had been since a posting here.

Was talking with Sean, and realized I have been neglecting the blog.

So, here's the update:

1. Finished up a 3 month stretch of yoga (usually twice a day) sessions, mobility and other recovery-type workouts. Kept weight down, improved some mental calmness, but I need to do some interval type work to get the blood flowing and improve my morale.

2. Started working with a new student, Jesus. A friend of my sister in law, he wanted some martial arts and general conditioning workouts. In two months of sporadic (due to my schedule, mostly) - he has learned the sequence for the stance set and the first set, Tung Chi Kuen. And more importantly, he has worked on it over the periods when I was not available. His dedication shows in his improvement each time.

3. Sifu Garry Hearfield has been hard at work on his Warrior Body Buddha Mind site, and has been working with Sifu Christer on the Burning Palm series. Check out here and here. He also has a FaceBook presence, check out his work.

4. I have been working on my yacht security blog (here) and become a micro distributor for Alarm Locks. Plus the day job, diving, boating, family time and all that.

Drop a line, check out my other sites, tell your friends to comment and ask questions and I'll be forced to update more often.