Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Targeting, revisited

From the Self Defense Company - a short primer on targeting.

Basically, one of the aspects of self defense (or offensive actions taken in defense of self) is to hit hard and the strike vulnerable areas of the body.  You don't have to be a brain scientist or a rocket surgeon to figure this out.

If you are going to study to be a 'Master', then the knowledge of how, what happens and why medically of the target is important. For usage right now, a basic level of knowledge will suffice. It is more important to put the time into learning how to deliver the strikes to the proper areas with effect, and that is best done with actual practice time - time on the mats (ala the Target Focus Training methodology), banging at the Mook Jong and heavy bags, Muay Thai and Boxing pad work, etc.

In depth study (correlating acupuncture points to nerve plexus' and such) will enhance your knowledge and may  enable you to converse with like minded friends - but the bottom line is to hit the vulnerable areas hard. And as often as necessary.

I have been neglecting my Internet research as of late - no cool target graphics - so I'll leave you with this photo...

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