Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Just an update, letting all know what is going on.

Working on the new Yacht Security website - www.floridayachtsecurity.com - stop by, have a look, become a member.

Finishing up my latest work session shortly - focus has been on daily yoga, stretching and maintenance of my gung fu sets. Playing with 9 Step Push and Ly Jik Bo from Omei Bak Mei, a Wing Chun Knives set, as well as YKM sets.
Also working in the Convict Conditioning progressions. I find the emphasis on small, incremental steps a workable solution for strength training - I don't think it is practical for combatives or my old line of work - but it is something a person could use throughout their lifetime.

Back feels really pretty good after all the training.

Upcoming events - some training in Oregon (unless catastrophe strikes), a bit of time in Tampa, catching up with friends and training partners.

Family time taking a priority there, too.

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