Sunday, March 4, 2012


From Indestructible Training comes an article on Pistolcraft. I bring this up because it ties in with one of my core philosophies, which is to bring the ancient arts of the warrior up to date with the modern world. Traditional arts and training have immense value, but modern techniques and ways of training need not be ignored. Indeed, doing so may leave large holes in your self-protection strategies.

James Keating (ComTech) and Pete Kautz (Alliance Martial Arts) express in much better terms the same concepts.

A quote from the article -
In its time the sword was the weapon of choice for the armed citizen. Today the weapon of choice for the armed citizen is the pistol. We carry pistols to protect ourselves in the same way that the sword was carried in feudal Japan. The pistol has replaced the sword as the preferred implement of combat.
You could break the study of Musashi’s way of strategy into two parts: the study of the sword and its techniques and the study of the strategic and tactical use of the sword. We could similarly break down the study of pistol strategy.

Seek out the ancient and the modern methods of training. 

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