Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Training Objectives

Saw a news article today (link here) - the news story is a sad commentary onour society being full of predators. But it had a good ending.

Anyway, the article made me think about why and what we train for, and how training may need to be adjusted for different members of our society. In this case, the child escaped her attacker/abductor. This is what we should be teaching children - awareness, and to scream, yell, and escape to a responsible adult. Not necessarily katas and gymnastics - but self - protection measures that will work.

As the child matures, or an adult desires training, we need to evaluate what his (or her) objectives are - I like to train with a firm base in traditional Southern Chinese Martial Arts, and adding other drills and training methods to prepare them for real-life applications, in the least amount of time. Training time should not be spent on conditioning drills, in my opinion, although direction can and should be given to maintaining health and fitness. Class time is for practice/training.

Just my thoughts. Any comments? For the people who read this - send it out to other blogs and get
other feedback. Thanks.

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