Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Re-post from James Keatings pages..

Mr. Keating has posted a nice observation on his nearly daily updated page MAAJAK World
the following -

"Have you noticed a near complete BLACKOUT of news from Japan? Why do you think this is? Have you noticed the news that does exist is always double-talk, confusing and difficult to really grasp? Vague bullshit is what it is. Things are very, very bad in Japan - Beyond what any of us can comprehend. Because this involves the future of life on this planet it falls beyond our chronistic vision capabilities (aka "short sighted assholes that we are). Time is truly a slippery slope when one is focused only upon the present. The terror of today shall soon enough turn into to the sorrow of tomorrow. By then too late to shift the flow of evil things and they shall have their way on this plane of existence.. Have ya noticed the blogs, websites and articles that have all suddenly popped up? Each and every one appears to be of help, claims to be Connected. How so? Mostly psy-ops, mostly its the fabled THEM of screen and legend. To THEM this is all an interesting science experiment. Dis-information and fear is their trade. There is this one Youtube cat called "Dutch".. man, what a scammer, look at the comments.. pleas from reader-believers to give them the real info, real help.. but that DUTCH he just keeps them on a string and watches'em dance while he claps his hands. Otherwise he WOULD help those who ask by providing real data-help over the shit he spits forth. The list of these game playing attention seekers is too long to note. Just be aware of their presence and agendas... take their crap w/ a grain of salt... disbelief has power - just as believing does. Just Tools / use'em."

I feel that a large part of self-defense/self-protection/self-preservation involves using our intelligence and intuition to guide us away from hazards in life - use the gift of discernment, and research your subjects well. Don't take all information from one source as the only 'facts'. Avoid the lazy road of 'cultism' - you are your own leader. As President Reagan famously put it - 'Trust, but verify'.

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Don Rearic said...

I have a feeling that James is right. I think things are so bad in Japan, it would bend the average American mind if they knew the truth. Not suitable with Raisin Bran in the morning or KFC dinners in the evening for news eaters.