Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long time between posts...

Been busy with career change, studying, home stuff, training, etc., etc.

Here are a couple of cool links for you.




From a YKM brother in the Philippines - with the world situation, maybe we need to look at 'self-defense' in a larger light. I do, some people I look up to do (thank you, Mr. Keating) - it's a dynamic, changing world. Don't be afraid to expand your mind, do some research. The old ways work, and can be adapted to modern times.

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Priest said...

I'm curious about your view on what the "larger context" for self defense is?

For me when I started learning Martial Arts I wanted to learn because it was cool (actually because I wanted to be a ninja, but I was really young and that seemed a reasonable and attainable goal for a white boy of 5), then I wanted to learn more because I found there to really be bad people out there that would hurt you if you weren't prepared...worse....they could hurt those you love, no I still train because I think that self-defense fits into a larger frame work of self reliance for me and taking personal responsibility for every area of my life.