Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dai Sup Ji Kuen

The third set taught (by my Sifu, Sifu Loi Lok Fu) in the curriculum is Dai Sup Ji Kuen - Large Ten Pattern Fist.

Like Siu Sup Ji Kuen, it's footwork when viewed from above resembles a cross pattern (+) similar to the Chinese character for the number ten.

The set contains some interesting changes in direction, introduces some more hand combination's and, being named "Large" ten pattern fist, is a little longer and more complicated than Siu Sup Ji Kuen.

In my opinion, these three sets (Tong Gee Kuen, Siu Sup Ji Kuen and Dai Sup Ji Kuen) form the nucleus of a very effective fighting system. Of course, it is up to the student (and for the instructor to distill) to practice diligently, examine the movements carefully, and develop a proper mindset to enable use of these techniques for self-protection.

Train the basics, they are what the advanced techniques are based on (stance, footwork, conditioning, fighting experience to develop the spirit).

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Hand2Hand said...

Those last two graphs say it all. It's all in the basics. And you don't need to know a ton of forms to fight well if you can do a few of them, but do them really, really well.