Wednesday, March 20, 2013

9 Step Push Video Review

The folks at Warrior Body, Buddha Mind have put out another video, this one on the set Gau Bo Toi.
Sifu Christer does the demonstrating of the form, and explains in detail how the body is supposed to move during the form.
This version of Gau Bo Toi is different than the one I have been taught previously (from Yau Kung Mun and CLC Bak Mei lineage). Neither is better – but there is definitely a different feeling in the performance of the form. It's movements, to me, are not as staccato as the YKM version – more of a continuous flow from one set of techniques into the next. Sifu Christer explains and demonstrates how to make the flow occur. 

If you already know the form from CLC Bak Mei or YKM, I still recommend acquiring the video and to treat it as a new form – there are similarities, but also enough new nuances to make it worthy of study.
I am eagerly awaiting the companion video explaining the applications.

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