Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Update

Just a post covering what is new with me.

Doing a lot of yoga lately - had a recurrence of nerve impingement. So, no hard physical activities (pull ups, pushups, etc.) until the numbness goes away. Alternating the mobility and yoga from Scott Sonnon's programs early in the day, and different yoga workouts in the evening. Just finished the's basic and intermediate 21 day challenges. Not bad, good resource for non-yoga types like me.

Spent a bit of time reviewing the Omei Hung Mo Bak Mei Jik Bo Kuen DVD - will post a review shortly. Bottom line - nice foundation set, full of relevant information.

Been doing some Yoga Nidra sessions before going to sleep - deep rhythmic breathing and relaxation seem to go hand in hand with the awareness of the sessions.

Putting some time and effort into learning about business stuff, too. Check out and let me know what you think.

All this and a full time job, too.

As always, comments welcome, spread the word about the blog. Looking for students interested in learning traditional Chinese Martial Arts, clients for the yacht security consultation business.

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