Monday, May 24, 2010

Hakka Kuntao

Sifu Amon’s Phoenix Eye Fist

A friend who has been talking with me about the Kuntao of "Uncle" Willem DeThouars sent me the following link.

Hakka Kuntao

Pretty good article, makes me want to learn even more.


Priest said...

Interesting Don, thanks for posting.....


Sean C. Ledig said...

Another great link. I'm really torn about whether Wing Chun could be considered a Hakka art. On one hand, Mainland Wing Chun does use the phoenix-eye fist, but the common history traces it to the Red Boats, like Hung Gar.

Don Weiss said...

Aaron - no worries, glad someone is reading these :-)

Sean - according to some, there is not much difference between old Hung Gar and Hakka. I'm thinking there may be more commonalities of the old stuff (think Yin Ching) than there currently are.