Monday, May 4, 2009

40,000 Lives Lost Per Year Must Be Worth It…

Here's a link to a pro-gun article.

Not "YKM" but it is martial.


Sean C. Ledig said...

Hey, I'm Mr. 2nd Amendment, but this article is comparing apples and oranges.

To start with, there are a myriad of regulations with driving or owning a car, including licensing and insurance requirements. The anti-gun crowd loves to say that we should at least have the same restrictions on guns that we do on cars.

Some states actually go pretty far in the regulation of cars, including checking the car's pollution output. My home state, Connecticut, borders on the ridiculous, requiring inspections of a car each time it changes ownership.

There is also a substantial LEGAL difference between owning a car and owning a gun. The right to keep and bear guns is a guaranteed Constitutional right. Owning and driving a car is not.

The only time the right to keep and bear may be legally abridged is when the individual has had his rights curtailed through due process of law, as provided by the 13th Amendment.

Like I said, I vigorously support the right to keep and bear arms, but I do have problems with this logic whether it comes from pro or anti-gun forces.

Ikigai said...

Mr. Weiss,

I owe you a thank you for recommending my blog to Mr. Ledig.

Because of his link to me I was able to find both of your great blogs!

All the best,
Matt "Ikigai"