Friday, July 25, 2008

What is Yau Kung Mun?

From the Australian web site.

What is Yau Kung Mun?

Yau Kung Mun is an extraordinary Southern style of Kung Fu, developed in the Shaolin Temple of China from the Tiger and Leopard styles more than 1400 years ago. The name Yau Kung Mun literally means the ‘soft style entrance’ and refers to the essence of techniques which focuses on the body being relaxed (Yau), quick movements as well as being powerful (Kung) resulting in maximum power. The techniques within the system incorporate all of the traditional Shaolin five animal styles of Kung Fu, namely the dragon, snake, tiger, leopard and crane. The system of Yau Kung Mun has been refined over hundreds of years through application in real fighting situations.

Yau Kung Mun teaches that the aim in a fight should be for it to be over as quickly as possible, preferably within just a few strikes. The focus is on straightforward techniques that really work, over showy moves that may look impressive but are of little use in a real fight. Yau Kung Mun also teaches that one must not learn how to destroy without first learning how to heal. Thus, disciples of Yau Kung Mun also learned how to heal through the application of bone setting and herbal ointments.

Students will learn:

* Internal & External forms of Yau Kung Mun Kung Fu
* Weaponry
* Lion, Dragon & Unicorn Dancing
* Instruments (Drum / Cymbal / Gong)

Advanced students may learn:

* Traditional Dit Dar Medicine & Bone Setting
* Advanced forms

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